Wednesday, March 30, 2011


hello encik muet.
we will meet again.
and again, i have no idea what i have to speak+write+listen+read.
can you give some ideas for me?
and again i did not attended any classes as others.
i tried my best to find any MUET's classes.
unfortunately,they want me to find other five members to join this the class will begin.
otherwise,they can't help me.helpless!.
i tried to find them as soon as i can.but i failed.
i just got two friends who will sit for this examination.
first candidate : "am sorry.. i will sit for this examination end of this year,and i have attended it at school"
second candidate : " i think that i will burn out the MUET's slip because at that time i have a final exam."
that was two reason that i have got.even they agreed to attend MUET's class,it doesn't enough to fulfill their requirement.they want FIVE!i just got three!
again,i must study by one can help me other then myself.
and i am such a pretty lazy these time.
only TWO marks for achieving my target.
but its doesn't make any sense.
it is for last paper..
two marks only.
such a big disappointed.
i never regret it.
because i know myself.
i will try my best! insyaAllah.....ALLAH always be with me.amin!