Saturday, August 27, 2011

saya TAK balik kampung :|

act,i have only one "kampung".which is where i am staying right now.!hehe
this is my first time to have a full ramdahan at home since i was form 1.
Alhamdulillah.All praises to Allah..


i used to take a cab with my friends and went to Klang Sentral.(bus station).
with holding our luggage we smile each other and laugh together.
i miss those moments.
when we arrived there.we will separate as well.well,we came from different state.
i can't dump all the moments.
we have to be such an independent kids.
it was a memory.

so now,i am giving you all some wishes.

Selamat Hari Raya.
( i used to write in malay because if i said happy eid day,there are no feeling right?)
just kidding.
and i wanna say
"maaf zahir dan batin.ampunkan segala dosa2 ku"
semoga tahun hadapan kita akan bertemu ramdhan lagi.amin~