Saturday, November 17, 2012

being a student.yeahhh!

let's start with 'assalamualaikum'

based on what i have wrote on the title, it looks like i am really enjoying my students life.
actually it doesn't seems 100% like that.
frankly speaking,the real enjoying is only 50% and other 50% is stress.
you might see that people around you happy, laughing like crazy. but the reality is deep inside them, they have to manage lot of things.yes there are.
3 months per semester with lot of chapters. urmmm. -.- 
oh nak cover study
oh nak buat assignment 
oh nak buat lab report
ohhhhh nak masak
ohhhh nak MAKAN.
a bit stress kalau lapar kan?
ohhh nak tidur *this is so so so important for me*
the real enjoying is : definitely after final examination. yes i am. heeee ^__^

*there is no success without a little pain*