Thursday, September 12, 2013

minggu pertama. first week. yennadei.

nah hambek kau aku xtahu bahasa tamil. tapi yennadei aku tahu.
 eh assalamualaikum. ! 
dah lama tak update belog.
sebab skrg dah ada instag, twitter, etc. 
so x byk luangkan masa dekat blog.
tpi aku masih x lupakan hg lah blog. don't worry bebeh. chilex.
tujuan sebenar aku buat blog ni sebab nak merepek and nak improve english language lah KONON.
so basically.. acece dah start writing. lawak doe ( doe adalah singkatan bodoh actually)
let's start ( sorry if there any grammar or spelling mistakes).. yeah since I am not in an english course. not so weird lah.
see "lah" tu dah tunjukkan buktinya.. kah3.
actually I came here to write not a word but many words. that's why I chose you my dearie blog. instag for photo and twitter for updating status with just two three words. sigh. babbling here is MORE comfortable. oh yeah. I am starting my new semester.
I don't think I am good enough to be a third year student who supposedly expert in all things.
but yeh I will try my best. promise. ^^
lot of things happened even though only three days passed.
labs, lectures, all those things are really exhausting. But I must be strong. and should be strong. This is my role as a student. heee.
okey I should left now. need to do some works.
till then. babbye.