Friday, May 23, 2014

after two years.

assalamualaikum  .. well its been long time am not writing here. yeahh. I still alive... and I am here because I miss my blog so much.and I feel like to babble here. and guess what. I have new friend which is a metal braces. adhere around my teeth. I have few reasons for wearing this kind of metal. and the major reason is to align my teeth as others. especially my lower teeth.It will take few pages to story about the reasons.haha. I did this kind of decision for long time ago. two years ago... did an appoinment with dentist uitm shah alam. and I got transferred to uitm puncak perdana after two years. TWO YEARS mak jah oi. and now am wearing it. and I will share the experience on the next session. hahaha. I need to stop here since I have to rest my mind after walking about 1km.. penat weyy. oke till we meet again.bahbyee. :)