Wednesday, December 28, 2011

i am human not an angel

"i am not an angel. i can forgive you but i can't forget with something that you did to's just a simple matter, but it killed my soul deeply.
i wish i could forget all your mistakes. but i can't.. i promised to myself, i'll try harder than what i have tried to forget all the mistakes that you have did. i am human, i do not have any power to eliminate all things from my memory. all human being never run from mistakes. me too. so i do not have any right to punish you"

...i am not talking about 'love'...i am talking about my experiences.

sometimes people just looking on their feeling. never look on the other's heart.
as human being we should give a forgiveness because we are nothing to punish anyone.
we are just human..even it too hard to forget.

p/s : peaceeee.. ruang luahan rasa hati ^____^