Saturday, December 31, 2011

teen to ty

as salam.
esok dah 2012.!.

here we go...........


goodbye 2011 and welcome 2012.
time flies so fast.
all past memories still running on my mind. and still stick on my head. how fast time flies.
just look back, is it too enough our ibadah to HIM?.. and definitely, i am not..:(
semakin tua kita semakin dekat ajal kita..wallahualam.
for sure i have a new intention for a new year. but actually it still the same.
i wanna make sure that ilmu dunia dan akhirat will be balanced.

i still can't believe that i will let my 'teens' go tomorrow.
still like kiddo, never change...... heeeee....

and and i have watched "ombak rindu"..
and i remembered lisa surihani words " i'll make sure one fine day, you'll deadly in love with me"
ehh2 lisa cinta tak boleh dipaksa.tapi boleh dipupuk. kah2...

2011 memories :

- end up foundation of science in UiTM on march.

- when to i-city with beloved friends dai,hana,hidad.

- attend MUET with curious. what is speaking? hah? what is listening? hah??what is writing? hahaha

- satisfied with examination result.

- argue with ayah, ayah want me to be a doctor, but i'm totally disagree. ayah still find the college that suit with me to be a doctor. (paling tak boleh lupa, ayah senyap2 isi borang AUCMS)

- thanks god, i got one of the list from UPU.. i have put optometry for my third choices at first, and for sure pharmacist is the first and dietitian is the second. after arguing i agree with ayah to put Optometry for my SECOND choice.

- upu result = degree in optometry (honours)

- frustrated...keep questioning " kenapa aku tak dapat farmasi? "
stop questioning when i met my coursemate. depa pun frust teruk tak dapat farmasi, medic etc...sedangkan depa hebat2.owh dunia zaman sekarang semua orang pandai2....pffft.

- got scholarship.

- step into UiTM on september. meet new friends. (majority kawan sy kelantan..boleh kecek klate deh aku lepah ne..roomate budak kedah..)

- first time driving in shah alam.

- berjaya kumpul big family for family portrait.

- beli cake untuk adik lelaki,adik perempuan , dan ayah untuk birthday mereka. sorry mak tak dapat nak beli sebab time tu dah masuk UiTM.nanti2 nah.:)

why i am waiting for 2012? :

- sit for examination =..=

-i am twenty!

- no more "P" on my license.

- wanna change my worst identity card

- holiday for almost 2 months

- i-city once again insyaAllah

- waiting for putera kacak. =..=

- hope 2012 is the most happiest ever. :)

that's all.....

kadang-kadang saya merepek dalam bahasa ibunda tercinta, kadang-kadang saya merepek dalam bahasa penjajah.
tapi for sure saya cinta bahasa ibunda saya. :)