Monday, June 11, 2012

the power of mother's instinct.


i got an opportunity to see the proof of mother's instinct today. twice.
first, i had dreamed about my mother last night,
and i woke up with some weird feel.
i feel like i wanna hug my mom.
and few minutes after perform my 'solat subuh' i got a call from my mum.
and i talk to her, that i have a presentation today.
and i am a little bit nervous.
she ask me to recite a doa " robbiyassir wala tuassir, robbi tammim bilkhoir"
 to make my work flow smoothly.....
after maghrib, i took a nap before performing my "solat isya'" .
 and once again, i dreamed about my mom.
 and when i wake up, she called me once again.
 and i am happy to hear her voice. then, i told her that tomorrow i have a test.
 and she asked me to do the best for my future.
she do not want me to be like her, no job and less education. :'(
MOM, even you have no job, i still respect you,
because you are the one who care about me since i was baby until now.
 you are the one who give me strength, and the most important is,
you are the one who teach me about ibadah  and akidah.
 (i miss the moment to recite Al-Quran with you) :'(....
May Allah bless my mom.
`i miss you`